Who are we?

james and sophie from roadside stalls

Who Are We?

james and sophie from roadside stalls

We are James and Sophie, we live on the Gold Coast, QLD,  and we love to explore the back roads of wherever we are. Invariably we will get lost, end up on a no-through road or discover the only gravel road in the area! And without fail we will stop at a roadside stall or two. We will gather our coins and buy up. Dinner that night will have to include items we have foraged for during the day.

We often holiday in Northern NSW where there is an abundance of roadside stalls and it is there in the Northern Rivers that our idea of creating a directory of roadside stalls was born. Initially, it was so we could remind ourselves of where we found those delicious bananas or the stall with the coffee beans. Instead of boring our friends and family with images of roadside stalls, we created an instagram account that they could choose to follow (much the same as the Instagram account we created for our dogs! Head over to @adventures.of.poppy.and.lola to enjoy their antics!). This little pet project started growing in the most delightful way. We started listing our discoveries, which is why the directory is very SE QLD and Nothern NSW heavy with stalls but soon enough people started adding listings and two of the first listings were from WA which we have not visited but feel we need to. The ultimate aim is that followers can create holiday/road trip itineraries based on roadside and farm gate stalls.

By day James runs an IT business and creates websites as a living so it was easy to develop the website The Roadside Stalls. Sophie is a librarian for Endeavour College of Natural Medicine and manages the social media for a number of James’ clients. It was certainly no chore adding The Roadside Stalls to the list. In fact, it is the most fun of all our clients!

James Pollock