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Nell’s Patch

Nell’s Patch is located in Mildura, VIC. Run by Nellie (7) she stocks her stall ready for the weekend; Fresh

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Aspley Farm

We’re OPEN! Our cute little country stall offers handcrafted beeswax products sourced from local hives. These include hand rolled pillar

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Rustic Gardens

Rustic Gardens is a charming little stall nestled in the hills of Villeneuve overlooking the start of Somerset dam. Stocked

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Knomor Parkroad

A converted dog kennel down a quiet dirt road! Our honesty stall is a way to share excess produce from

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Strath Haven

Strath Haven roadside stall located in central Victoria the town of Strath Creek, selling various vintage pieces, farm grown flowers,

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In Our Hands

Our family farm operates under the principles and ethics of Permaculture. The FarmGate offers fresh produce, eggs, honey and a

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